Food/Consumables Drop Details

Weight on our hike is important. Thus we decided to take 3 food drops along the way.
The Larapinta has 4 locations available for leaving food in secured containers and also gives the option of wilderness drops. Secured locations are often in locked buildings protected from the elements and animals. Trail transports can supply thick plastic boxes for this purpose to save shipping them in or buying them. They all come at a charge, of course. Wilderness drops are the opposite: dig a hole, hide your food and hope the dingos don’t get it.

Food drops boxes double as waste disposal (the only means on the track), so instead of carrying our rubbish the entire journey, we can leave it in the boxes to be cleared for us.

The keys to the drop sites can be found at the Tourism Central Australia Visitor Centre.

Food splitting

Splitting food over the drops is fairly easy: got this much food, split into days and leave the right number of days in each food drop. Because we were being organized and trying to avoid food boredom, we had to define what meals we were going to have on each day and pack accordingly. Of course, lack of water at some camp sites means we can’t make certain things unless we carry extra water from previous camps. On three occasions we will be carrying 2 days worth of water each plus 1.5 liters for cooking. That’s 13.5kg between us just on water alone.

Consumable splitting

Consumables take a little more thought to distribute. Because some items weigh more than others, we had to decide how much of each to keep, if we could throw half used items out to save weight.

Batteries – used in head torches. We are carrying spares, but will dispose half used ones to save carrying extra weight.

Gas Canisters – used in cooking, are heavy, but emptier canisters weigh less so will dispose only when empty

Strapping tape is heavy and if we do not end up using as much as we think, throwing our partially used rolls might be the better answer, just to save a few hundred grams of weight.

A few hundred grams might not seem much, but when you several excess items all at several hundred grams, the weight can add up quickly. And when you are already carrying heavy packs, the preference is to throw away excess items. It’s only money.


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