Food Details

The Larapinta Trail is considered a difficult hike, consisting of difficult climbs. With packs weighing 20+kg each and spring heats in the mid to late 20s Celsius, the hike is going to have quite an impact upon our bodies. Here are details on the food we chose to eat on the hike and why. Each is based on a daily intake and must conform to the following standards:

  • Shelf stable as no available refrigeration.
  • Lightweight as minimize added weight in our packs
  • Small form factor to fit into our packs
  • Quick and easy to prepare to ensure minimal gas usage
  • Filling but not too heavy as full stomachs and heavy foods requires excess energy to digest
  • Must be varied to reduce food boredom. 17 days eating the exactly same food. BORING!
  • High in energy


-Keeping hydrated on the hike will be of extreme importance, so each of us will be carrying 3l of water each day. For all of our drinking and cooking water on the hike we will be using aquatabs to ensure the water is as pure as we can get it.

-To avoid caffeine withdrawals we will be having a single coffee between us per day, minimizing extra weight. At camps with no water supply, we will forgo this. Sugar replacement pills and milk powder included for this.

-At the end of each day a sugary orange cordial, but again, forgone when no water is available.

-Every second evening, we have included small soup sachets.


We have chosen to go lightweight on breakfasts. We needed a good source of energy, enough to be filling while not too heavy. We wanted to avoid having to hike on overfull stomachs so went with a mix of Weetbix – 2 each plus 4 tablespoons of a lightweight bran-flakes and rye with added sultanas for sweetness.

Heated water for coffee and mixed with some milk powder allows a warmish breakfast at our pre-dawn breakfasts without too much gas wastage.


As the majority of our days hiking will be pre-lunch, having sufficient sustenance to push us through hard part of each day we chose the following:

-2 muesli bars each, containing nuts and seeds – lightweight and high in energy

-2 tablespoons of scroggin each – made up from a mix of chocolate drops, seeds, coconut shavings, jelly-babies, chocolate buttons, mini m&ms, dried fruit pieces, nuts. –high in sugars to push us along during the days.


Lunches for us are important as a means to refill our energy after the morning hike and prepare us for the afternoon exploring times. While we will basically be having the same thing each day for lunch – Ryvita cracker sandwiches with two different fillings to escape total food boredom:

-Ryvita crackers are wholemeal and high in fibre, but more importantly, they are thin, light and somewhat hard, meaning they will not be crushed in our packs.

To go on it, we chose:

-Shelf stable salmon sachets and shelf stable cheddar cheese in slices

-Sweetened honey peanut butter


Dinners must be sustaining and interesting and to keep it varied we chose three different meal types. Most meals were originally without meat, but some was added for me.

1) Back Country meals. Specially made dehydrated camping meals. Boil water, add to packet, stir, 10 minutes later serve. Lightweight, high in energy and designed for hiking. 2 serves per packet. Add 2 packets of 2 minute noodles to bulk out.

2) Pasta meals. Similar to camping meals but available in the supermarket. More cost efficient. Takes longer to cook though so more gas wastage.

3) Instant potato. Takes little water and makes plentiful amounts and quick. Add dried peas and crushed cashews for flavor. When boiling water, add beef jerky to rehydrate and mix through potato. This adds protein and allows meat.


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