Section 2 Photos

Silent Mt Sonder

A distant Mt Sonder

The plains stretch on

Top of the Hill

The Great Valley

Heavitree Ridge top

Waterfall Gorge

Early morning hiking

Distant Counts Point ridge

Path marker




A blackened plain

Macrozamia macdonnellii (MacDonnell Ranges Cycads)

Macrozamia macdonnellii (MacDonnell Ranges Cycads)

Ficus platypoda (Native Fig)

Inarlanga Pass

Serpentine Chalet Dam

Serpentine Chalet Dam gorge

Where would you rather be?

Serpentine Gorge

The descent from Counts Point Ridge

The Trail leads up

Dolomite ridges

Dolomite ridges

Trig Point

Macdonnell Ranges

Along Heavitree Range

Paper Leaf Flowers

The Trail goes on…

Dolomite Ridge

Ellery Creek Big Hole

Ellery washing line

Cooking dinner

Camp at Ellery Creek


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