Section 2 – Planning

Day 4 – Mon 05/09/11
Ormiston Gorge   –   Waterfall Gorge     (15.3km, 6.5hrs)
  • Important: Collect extra water for tonight and tomorrow before leaving.
  •  If too hot, break it up in parts so not walking in middle of day
  • Awake 4:00am, Depart: 5:00am
  • Terrain: Long slow climb through most of the walk, heavy climbing towards end of day and steep downhill to camp.
  • On the way: Base of Hill, Lookout.
  • Arrive: 11:30am
  • Facilities: NO WATER
  • Food: Pasta meal
DAY 5 – Tue 06/09/11
Waterfall Gorge   –   Serpentine Chalet Dam   (13.3km, 5.5hrs)
  • Awake: 5:00am, Depart 6:00am
  • Terrain: Some initial short climbing, then downhill much of way
  • On the Way: Inarlanga Pass
  • Arrive: 11:00am
  • Facilities: Water tank
  • When there: Serpentine Chalet Ruins
  • Food: Camping meal, soup
DAY 6  – Wed 07/09/11
Serpentine Dam    –   Serpentine Gorge carpark     (13.4km, 5.5 hrs)
  • Awake: 5:00am, Depart: 6:00am
  • Terrain: Initial gentle downhill, steep climbs mid walk, downhill end of walk.
  • On the way: Counts point Junction, Counts Point
  • Arrive: 11:30am
  • When there: Serpentine Gorge & Lookout Walk
  • Facilities: Water facilities
  • Notes: HARD DAY
  • Food: Potato meal
DAY 7 – Thu 08/09/11
Serpentine Gorge carpark-   Ellery Creek*      (13.8km, 5.5hrs)
  • Awake: 5:00am, Depart: 6:00am
  • Terrain: Mainly downhill, occasional small rolling hill
  • On the way: Creek, Trig Point, Stile
  • Arrive: 11:30am
  • Camping Fee: $3.30
  • Facilities: Water, Gas cooking, Food Collection
  • When there: Ellery Creek Big Hole, Dolomite Walk
  • *FOOD DROP food storage room within toilet block – PICK UP 6 DAYS WORTH OF FOOD  
  • Food: Pasta meal



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